I think, though I could be wrong - as so often before, that it's done. It happens this way, things never said but showed when all that once mattered was stowed in a paper bag meant for a bin. I don't know, maybe love just feels like that sometimes, all those unnecessary words about keys … Continue reading Transformation


I got real good real quick at putting things away and at forgetting but then I thought it time to revisit him, look upon his faces if only to see whether what I’d say would now change them If only I hadn’t returned time and again in times past with this changing thought perhaps I … Continue reading Wizards


Lampposts lit by gooey liquid and little people Plane skidding through sky puddles Roads cracked as heels Bird wings combing through honey coloured cloudy hair Oceans of hot sand Tar kites grounded Dunes rippling like waves of flesh upon the barren head of a land wrecked It's human nature to get poetic about the ugly … Continue reading Shekinah