Forty Seven

Sometimes on not so lazy days I scrub whole continents off pans thinking of you who creates the very things which make up the length of my days That abnormally large book, Atlas you once called friend now sits on a shelf with many odd pages and friends of its own and I keep scrubbing … Continue reading Forty Seven


Forty Five

I feel like I should have seen it. Known his name, its name or a face. The face I would attribute to saving my life. Should have known what it, he wanted from me, with me. I felt like telling it, telling him thank you maybe even I love you, not because I maybe do … Continue reading Forty Five

Forty Four

If you said enough . . . UNDO Heard it all? UNDO You've seen too much . . . UNDO Turn your back to earth and lean into gravity Expansive skies expanding, enjoy the crumbs and wind in your whiskers Whatever you do before you hit the floor, do not ask for nine more

Forty Three

Injustice of the aides converge within safe moments. Feeling the collective strain of many in one oppressive elation. When it's all over we'd want to say "oh it was a pleasure" and leave smiling, ready for a return but it's ended. Death brings new life to meaning, the former itself it would seem

Forty Two

Shh Desidaratum uncued It's a go to Don't want this lude Always going Auto reactionary Volition uncorrupted You're still at it? Voo'oo dolls, still Quieting the mean Crosses your cradle Rim of a scream

Forty One

Playhouse plaything I know I’m your sweetest sweet nothing Theatre sat Songbird pet of brevity Wrong melody Theatre box Inverse purse, thanx This time round I’ll skip the verse Keep the key Fort Knox locks been bent outta shape Old skinhorse Best we take our leave Away along the roman root Fly afar upon winged … Continue reading Forty One


For a moment there I let Mr Deville in, let him think he'd really win. Bent over, one beating turned to three. More? Yes please, Sir I groaned, both scared and sore. Committed, against sin I chose this side. The vow I took, being taught with pride.