For a moment there I let Mr Deville in, let him think he'd really win. Bent over, one beating turned to three. More? Yes please, Sir I groaned, both scared and sore. Committed, against sin I chose this side. The vow I took, being groomed with pride.


Thirty Nine

Peripatetic pathetic telepathic I guess some meth-em-addict trying to settle scores of such gift bearing present taking you’re wearing her she’s out Such gifts are abused misused false prophets gods amateurish I declare a clear cut sever that vein vain perplexing gut You’ll have back your ability when first you’ve garnered some humility and lady … Continue reading Thirty Nine

Thirty Eight

I got real good real quick at putting things away and at forgetting but then I thought it time to revisit him, look upon his faces if only to see whether what I’d say would now change them If only I hadn’t returned time and again in times past with this changing thought perhaps I … Continue reading Thirty Eight

Thirty Six

I am another you. "Oui". Take control then, fall off. Return to me whole. Die, die again. No go back. Die once more. You cannot amputate your lip while looking down your nose at it. Knock. It's me calling you to myself. Drawing sensations to a close and then ripping them wide open. As if … Continue reading Thirty Six