Sixty Seven

It’s going to be the strangest story as we regale others with our taleI’ll tell the kids you snuck into the room in shadow mode, ruffling the duvet and wringing my legs as if they’re the hairs of your browThey’ll ask what I mean, of course these riddles they won’t know So I’ll tell themBack … Continue reading Sixty Seven

Sixty Six

It's very easy to love from afar, to revel in its simplicity but it takes tremendous courage to build a life with someone, within the frame of uncertain reality

Sixty Five

Last night in the darkness of that womb, you planted me, a seed that grew swiftly finding roots strengthened through the crushing of concrete fears carelessly sewnLike a tree I stood, firm enough of form to live, supple; bending to the whim and beat of that inner drumEyes closed I smiled and swayed, welcoming your … Continue reading Sixty Five

Sixty Four

She's yet to figure out how to contain both all of her and all of him in one place for a moment that she knows isn't, yet still seems timeless. The wind passing through leaves still speak a language she fully fathoms but cannot for the life of her repeat. It's lonely in that place … Continue reading Sixty Four

Sixty Two

I think, though I could be wrong as so many times before, that it's done. It happens this way, things never said, but showed when all that once mattered was stowed in a paper bag meant for a bin. I don't know, maybe love just feels like that, all those unnecessary words about keys lost … Continue reading Sixty Two

Sixty One

I’m so utterly whole I find myself seeping out through you but when the streams around me begin to run dryI begin, a bit, to worry. Not because I fear that I too am receding but because those arteries are where my comforts lie. The words which weave your way intomy life, the images of … Continue reading Sixty One


"I know you know this game" I imagine you'd say - what you'd be searching for to spy with those over eager eyes which see so much but nothing of supposed truth. You know where I'd place the reel relative to the right reality, causing us best to feel some certainty separate from self and … Continue reading Sixty