Thirty Five

First . . . They put me to the test. See if I'd accept the challenge I rose to the occasion. Then . . . They withheld from me the good, the just rewards, deserved I remained silent. Next . . . They challenged my ethics, undermined my values, their point a proof of their … Continue reading Thirty Five


Faith . . .

To have faith is a beautiful thing. I know because I've been without it. I've been through a season of "losing my religion" and where it was carefree and lovely, it was also frightening. It forced me to sit with my shadow and to speak as equals, to say I acknowledge you exist but we … Continue reading Faith . . .

Short 2

it is what it is . . . until it isn't and then it is what it is again. I don't know yet who decides or where they do this deciding from but when they do, they decide that it is

Thirty Three

◇ Four folded letter square The tiles whisper I'm aware Be at peace with hypocrisy Or join me Brothers in arms On the battlefield Of treachery □ Carry me upon Your backs Back to youth There to collapse Upon its breast A baby crying For her breath Flesh suckling A mound of death ◇

Thirty Two

Arnold and Clare were inseparable. She'd fallen hopelessly in love with his big dark eyes, dark mess of hair and the slight bend in his back from being just too tall. He lavished her with his attention and spent basically all his time with her on their side of the now invisible fence. Since his … Continue reading Thirty Two


I often speak to the Moon and Sun and to my plants and things that grow, including my wayward spirit, not only because I'm crazy but because they're always there. That's it, all of it. I do this because they're a constant, even in their leave takings and arrivals I know they'll never falter. Oh … Continue reading Naturalines