Fifty Four

I forget sometimes we’re not here to fill up the free space We’re here to free up the spaces congested with rubbish Structures; social, economic, political, religious entrapment of the soul - Tomb stones no less We’re here to liberate ourselves from the bonds which enslave us from our passions those things for which hearts … Continue reading Fifty Four

Fifty Three

"I find myself within his eyesAnd long for more myself to knowHe hears it seems my silent criesand makes my heart my reasons foeHow can this be to love so quickly?Love does not wait, is his replyWhat magic weaves his touch to trick me?How can I now my love deny?" Veronica Franco

Fifty Two

Yoga is that lover intent on testing you, to see if you’ll stick around. That one who teases you into flexible submission, who won’t offer itself up to you all at once, bit by bit completely, freely Yoga wants to see if you’ll go the distance, once you’ve proven yourself patient ─ opened up fully … Continue reading Fifty Two

Fifty One

No seconds, just reminders A badly written comedy Staged is this thing Acting like anomalies Just puppets on a string Searching for the remedy Rescue from the brink Given to old malady Bullshit says the shrink Roads traversed so steadily Came out for some kink Loaded lead so readily Left within a blink

Short 11

I’m not rueful but I admit, some days I miss back then, then when I did all things innocently in ignorance Then when I hadn’t yet loved illusions

Fifty Three

She didn’t write for him but because of him for you Does that make you her lover and he her muse or could you possibly be both and in the end you’d both end up a bit more ruined but as paradoxes go a lot more whole for having had it all all inspiring woe … Continue reading Fifty Three

Fifty Two

She started early doing that which was needed engaged in a world of fantasy with him the man of the woodlandsthe real life GlanconerTall, dark, beautiful, fierce-eyed shadow who swiftly and silently settled within hernestled in her heart and there set up home for hope and fear alikeThis being once cast of illusion and grandeur … Continue reading Fifty Two