I often speak to the Moon and Sun and to my plants and things that grow, including my wayward spirit, not only because I'm crazy but because they're always there. That's it, all of it. I do this because they're a constant, even in their leave takings and arrivals I know they'll never falter. Oh … Continue reading Naturalines


The wildlife of a compost heap. I heard a scratching sound coming from within the box and fearing the worst decided to investigate. Found these Fruit beetles trying to work their way in and part of me badly wanted to help but nature's gotta do her thing. A few of them got in, I see … Continue reading Beetles


Nobody has it all figured out. Nobody has it sorted and just when you think he did or she does then guess what, life happens and you get hurled the ball. In an instant it all changes and you realise that they've been saying you're a pain in the arse because you in your infinte … Continue reading Titles